The Do-It-Yourself Approach

A Website Security Audit is an effort to do an in-depth investigation of your website. You can create a separate business account for the purpose. You might also be able to create a new personal business account for this purpose.

It is important to note that you do not have to pay for such account. However, you must agree to sign over the exclusive use of your name on the account. If you do not agree to such a transfer, you may cancel the account.

You should not go with a company that charges fees for a security audit. This is because such companies are there to create negative impressions about you. You would rather do an in-depth review of your website yourself. You would be the only one who could control and monitor it.

You could choose from among the numerous vendors who offer such services and these include in-house private security experts, outsourcing to third parties, and even cyber training and education programs. Choose the one that you feel is the most appropriate for your company.

The COSO is a crucial part of a security audit. The COSO would oversee the project and provide assistance to its various aspects. He would have the authority to reject the proposal if necessary.

Some of the COSOs would work closely with different organizations would hire a single COSO. It is advisable to work with the services of multiple COSOs. This is important because each COSO has his own interests.

He would have his own concerns with regard to his client and would want to be present at various websites. Each COSO would be there to provide his best. It is better to work with someone who could speak directly to the COO of the hosting company.

This would be helpful if the COSO happens to work in the SEO or Search Engine Optimization field. If he works in one of the fields, he will know more about his COSO. This could be useful in various ways.

The organization would do a Website Security Audit. You can get the details from the COSO, who would be present during the audit. He would be able to give you valuable insight on how your website works and what you need to improve on it.

If you know the right way to approach the issue, you can surely improve the results of the audit. However, it may not be something that the COSO would want to hear. You would need to show him how your website works and what you have done to keep it safe and secure.

Once you learn the way to approach the issue, you will also be aware of various things that can help your situation. You would be ready to handle any emergency if anything were to happen. You would also know how to handle the situation.

You can also take the do-it-yourself approach. It is possible that the COSO would never have a chance to view the entire issue. It would be wise to hire an expert for a Website Security Audit as soon as possible.